BP – Clean and Win

Using ‘Active Technology’, BP has developed a new fuel which cleans and protects the engine from dirt every time the tank is refilled. Ever since the fuel has been on the market, it has been advertised as part of a digital campaign relating to cleanliness. BP is one of the world’s largest mineral oil and energy companies.

Clean driving deserves to be rewarded! Pandinavia was tasked with organising a competition. This involved designing the whole game, clarifying the legal aspects, and designing and purchasing tickets and instant prizes. The heart of the game is a visually appealing website which also allows customers to enter the competition either online or by SMS. Pandinavia provided administrative support for the competition throughout its 10 week run period and was responsible for selecting and notifying the winners and sending out the prizes. A successful project all round.

Clean and Win on iPhone Website Pandinavia 



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