Premium Promotional Products

Premium promotional products: When a give-away has impact

Promotional items can bring great benefits. But it is important for various conditions to be met.

Your promotional items must reflect the target group, meet your CI specifications perfectly and convey an appropriate message. When will it be presented? What are the basic conditions of use? Important: Does the quality of your gift meet the standard of your brand? And finally the choice: Does your gift make the recipient happy?

Since many of these criteria are often not paid sufficient attention, promotional items have gained a reputation which does not do justice to their potential effectiveness. And this is the reason why ‘give-away’ sounds almost derogatory. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Take advice from Pandinavia. You will quickly realise that the word ‘premium’ is not an empty promise. It relates to the quality of the offer both in terms of the product and the advice. We understand what matters and work with you to assess promotional items which could have an impact, whether it is an individual product or whether you need ideas for an entire product range. With Pandinavia, give-aways will be the icing on the cake of your marketing mix.



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