General terms and conditions

Prices / Discounts
The prices indicated in the catalogue are always to be understood as reference prices for the relevant number of items, without finishing (except where indicated), without the applicable VAT and transportation. We will be happy to make you a personal offer for other amounts and the relevant finish.

Minimum order quantities
Most items shown in our catalogue are deliverable in small quantities and can also be finished. But the costs will be higher than those given in the catalogue as the reference price for the indicated quantities. We will be happy to make you an offer. Special products and preparations will be manufactured directly in the relevant factory; for this reason, certain minimum amounts are necessary for these items, as indicated.

Express Service
Need an item within a week or even faster? This is one of PANDINAVIA’s strengths. Please call us as soon as possible on 043 266 10 60

It is often difficult to order an item on the basis of a photo. It can be important for your decision to be able to get a clear picture of the item in question using a sample. PANDINAVIA will be happy to provide you with a product sample. If you wish to keep the items at the end of the project process, we will invoice you a 50% surcharge for the samples.

Printing templates
We fully understand that not every company has its own graphics department. If the design is slightly complicated, we will gladly take care of it for you. For the ideal transformation of your data, we need the graphics in electronic form; please take note of the following:

We work with the Adobe Illustrator CS3 and Adobe Photoshop CS5 programs for PC as well as Corel Draw X5 for PC and can also work in earlier versions of the same programmes. If you have created your templates in one of these programs, please send us the original data. In all other cases, we will need your data in EPS format, vectorised (converted into curves). Please send us the Pantone number for each colour (e.g. red PMS 485C).
If PANDINAVIA must still extensively process the data you provide, we will invoice you for this work at CHF 100 per hour. The exact time needed will be indicated in advance.

The customer is solely responsible if rights, in particular the copyright of third parties, are violated in carrying out the order. The customer shall bear the costs, including legal counsel costs, of any claims against PANDINAVIA which may result from this.

Good for execution / Design sample
You have placed an order with PANDINAVIA. Before the item is manufactured or finished with the desired logo, we will send you a “Good for execution” document in an appropriate form, either on paper or electronically. In order to avoid misunderstandings, we only start mass production when you have confirmed the “Good for execution” to us in writing.
In many cases, it is also useful to manufacture a finished design sample, in addition to the “Good for execution”. We particularly recommend this for special finishes. This type of sample incurs high costs due to setting up individual machines, mixing special colours, manufacturing materials and dispatch by courier by the supplier. For this original sample we will invoice CHF 120 as your share of the costs.

Order confirmation
Orders are confirmed by us in writing. You must draw our attention to any incorrect indications within 3 days. Later complaints will not be taken into account.

Delivery times
Our delivery times are indications and depend on the clarity of the order. You will be informed when your order has reached this status. No claims for damages may be brought by the customer because of delivery delays of any kind and the customer may not terminate the contract or claim compensation. In the event of Acts of God or operational dysfunctions of any kind, at Pandinavia or at the supplier’s premises, we are entitled to increase delivery times. If you make changes to the print proofs, design samples, etc., we are entitled to increase delivery times accordingly.

Surplus/Short deliveries
Surplus or short deliveries of up to 10% are usual in the field and must be accepted. We will invoice you for the quantity actually delivered.

When an order is ready, validated by our quality control and properly packaged, the goods are dispatched to you on schedule. For delivery in Switzerland, we will invoice you a lump sum of CHF 18 per package.
We deliver goods abroad too, in so far as this is possible in view of the country of manufacture of each item. We will then handle all of the customs formalities for you. We will invoice this service at an hourly rate of CHF 100 plus the actual freight and customs costs as well as any VAT.

Splitting a shipment
In order to avoid annoying small jobs for you, we can split up an order in our warehouse according to your instructions and send it to different addresses (e.g. company sites). We will invoice you CHF 30 per shipping address for this service plus the actual freight costs.

Goods are shipped at your cost and risk. Unless expressly agreed otherwise, prices are agreed ex warehouse in Kloten.

Variations in colour and state cannot be excluded according to the basic material and/or finishing process.

Quality control
Quality control, unless otherwise agreed, is carried out according to the criteria of AQL inspections. AQL (= acceptable quality level) is part of the internationally recognised MIL-STD 105E test standard.

This standard, amongst other things, defines the maximum admissible number of faults per 100 pieces as a percentage, divided into three categories:

Critical defects    which make the intended use of the item impossible
Major defects      which impair the intended use of the item
Minor defects    which do not, or only slightly impair the intended use of the item

There is no tolerance for critical defects. For both other levels, the thresholds, unless otherwise agreed, are as follows:

Major defects        AQL  2.5%
Minor defects        AQL  4%

When the contract is signed, major and minor defects are defined if necessary and quality control is carried out according to these instructions.

Textile measurements
The textiles we offer, woven or knitted, are manufactured according to our standard measurements or those of the factories we represent. We will be happy to provide you with relevant measurement tables if you so wish. The samples provided to you are also usually binding in terms of size.

For special designs, we can also use your own measurements.

We work with the following size tolerance:

Knitwear                5%
Woven goods        3,5%

By placing your order, you accept these tolerances.

Notice of defects
Obvious defects must be announced in writing immediately and hidden defects within 8 days of receipt of the goods. In the event of a justified notice of defects, we are entitled to choose between correction, delivery of a replacement, modification of the contract or a price decrease. We only bear responsibility for indirect or subsequent damages, such as loss of income, if you can prove intentional or negligent actions on our part.

Service life
Unless otherwise stated, we estimate a probable 2-year service life for our products. During this time, we will observe the products, ensure traceability and respect our other obligations under the product safety act.

Delivery to third parties
If desired, we can deliver goods ordered by you to third parties at your own risk.

Our prices are stated without VAT and freight costs. Unless otherwise agreed, we will deliver with an invoice, payable at 30 days net. In terms of special designs, part of the invoice total is to be paid in advance.
We reserve the right to only deliver to clients without sufficient credit references with a bank guarantee or cash in advance. The orderer is responsible for payment of the goods ordered, even if they are delivered to third parties at its request. If the agreed payment terms are not respected, the buyer will owe interest at the current Swiss statutory rate from the time the payment was due, without any reminder on the part of PANDINAVIA, as well as the costs of legal action and prosecution. The absence of unimportant parts of the order or warranty claims against PANDINAVIA do not justify the postponement of the invoices due. The goods remain our property until full payment has been received.

Competent courts and applicable law
The place of jurisdiction and performance for both parties is Bülach. Our contracts are subject to Swiss law, excluding international treaties.

Version: 1 August 2011


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