• Do you have a catalogue?

    Yes, we will be happy to send you the printed version of our range.

  • I am looking for an item but can’t find it on your website.

    Please contact us! In order to keep the offers clear, we do not illustrate all items we can deliver on our website. We will be happy to make you an offer for the product you want.

  • What does the finish cost?

    Costs vary from item to item. Other factors such as the size of the finish, the number of colours and the time spent also play a role in calculating costs. We will be happy to make a detailed offer for the item and finish you want.

  • What is a finish?

    A finish or branding is the placing of your logo or brand on the item. Possibilities vary. Usually, items are best suited to a certain finish according to their material.

    Plastic item: pad printing
    Metal item: laser engraving (blackened or not)
    Leather item: embossing or pad printing
    Textiles: screen printing or embroidery
    Bags, nylon items: screen printing or embroidery

  • What does the reference price mean?

    The price indicated informs you of the cost of the item in the quantity mentioned (without finishing). For larger amounts, the price will sink (the higher the amount, the lower the price), for smaller amounts, it will rise.

  • Do you deliver abroad?

    Pandinavia is happy to deliver abroad. We usually ask new clients abroad to pay in advance or to provide a bank guarantee.

  • Can I order samples?

    It is often difficult to order an item on the basis of a photo. It can be important for your decision to be able to get a clear picture of the item in question using a sample. PANDINAVIA will be happy to provide you with a product sample. If you wish to keep the items at the end of the project process, we will invoice you a 50% surcharge for the samples. Thank you for your understanding!

  • Do you have a showroom?

    Yes, we have a spacious showroom where we will be happy to advise you. Please call to arrange a meeting.

  • Do you have items in stock? (textiles)

    PANDINAVIA manufactures your clothes especially for you. Since each product is different, each project also requires a different concept which we will define together. If things have to move quickly sometimes, we can obviously use items in stock.

  • Are there minimum quantities?

    Most items shown in our catalogue are deliverable in small quantities and can also be finished. But the costs will be higher than those given in the catalogue as the reference price for the indicated quantities. We will be happy to make you an offer. Special products and preparations will be manufactured directly in the relevant factory; for this reason, certain minimum amounts are necessary for these items, as indicated.

  • I am organising an event and need give-aways. Can you help?

    Of course. You can send us your requirements by e-mail or, better still, print out the PDF file called “Briefing on promotional items”. Please fill it out and fax it to us on 043 266 10 69. We will email you an e-presentation with proposals. The more information you give us, the more relevant to your target group our presentation will be.