The path to efficient advertising items

At Pandinavia, the process of leading you to an efficient range of promotional items is dotted with milestones:

  • During the briefing, we sum up your expectations and become acquainted with your corporate identity.
  • We create a concept and propose an appropriate strategy, no matter whether it is a simple give-away, a collection of textiles or a whole range of different items.
  • We apply the ideas to actual prototypes so you can get an idea of the impact the item will have.
  • As soon as products and quantities have been defined, we negotiate interesting prices for you.
  • We use selected suppliers around the world.
  • We take care of procurement and appropriate storage.
  • Before the goods are delivered, we carry out a final quality check.
  • If desired, we do not deliver the goods to you but take care of distribution ourselves.
  • If you want extra or other sales channels, e.g. an e-shop, we can take care of it for you.