Outsourcing promotional articles is worthwhile

Promotional articles, give-aways, client gifts – a professional marketing mix is unimaginable without them. However, they do not come for free and they tie up valuable resources. The solution? Outsourcing.


While everyone knows that promotional articles are among the most important ways of promoting sales and serve as door-openers and business cards, choosing them is already a chore. Evaluating a cheap supplier takes time. Making sure a supplier understands the corporate image requirements can be stressful. Storing the range ties up resources. Ordering requires attention.

Outsourcing with Pandinavia

To concentrate on your key business without missing out on efficient sales promotion, turn over the management of the promotional article range to the pros. Pandinavia will outsource the entire process for clients, from evaluation, acquisition and storage through to the management of web shops.

Clear benefits:

  • Uniform brand management for all articles in CI/CD-compliant design
  • Communication with internal and outside buyers is simplified, particularly by using an e-shop
  • Clients no longer need any storage space
  • Capital remains available thanks to Pandinavia pre-financing
  • Less burdens on staff – here too, resources are freed up
  • Concentrating orders leads to lower prices

How it works

Specifically, working together starts with a workshop to analyse needs. This is followed by product evaluation and the creation of a range in line withthe target group. Each article is designed according to CI/CD, manufactured, stored and delivered when needed. Clients keep all resources free for their core business.


Pandinavia has been successful in the promotional article field for over 50 years and is an outsourcing leader today. A staff of over 50, a subsidiary in Hong Kong, a worldwide network of suppliers and knowledgeable staff guarantee a comprehensive range with excellent price-quality values: from classic give-aways to high-quality textiles.