A global network for Pandinavia clients!


Think globally, act locally! Pandinavia is a member of the prominate network and can offer its clients global services in even higher quality.


Only one promotional article company per country can join the partnership. Its original goals were to bundle purchase volumes, exchange experiences globally and offer clients mutual support. To respond to globalisation and the growing need for promotional articles, prominate was formed as an independent company. Its task is to cover the supra-regional requirements of member firms’ clients and to offer global fulfilment solutions for multinationals. Assuming Pandinavia takes care of a Swiss client with subsidiaries in Europe and Asia: working with the client and prominate headquarters, Pandinavia defines the strategy and project management, implements these and informs prominate network partners in each country of the client’s requirements as to quality and CI/CD. These then contribute their knowledge of the features in their countries and deal with the client’s subsidiaries on the spot. Clients can rest assured in the knowledge of what has been ordered internationally and how it is implemented. Bundling the orders with one supplier (prominate) allows clients to make interesting financial savings. 


At present, prominate handles global promotional article fulfilments for Siemens, Castrol, Pepsi and other famous companies.

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