Merchandising & Fulfillment

Promotional items, give-aways and client gifts are a must in the professional marketing mix. But they have their price and take up valuable resources. The solution? Outsourcing.

Promotional items are one of the most important elements to improve sales and serve as door-openers and business cards. Choosing them is nevertheless difficult. Evaluation of an interesting supplier takes time; ensuring that the supplier understands CI instructions can be stressful; storing the range takes resources; order follow-up requires attention.

Outsourcing with Pandinavia
If you want to concentrate on your key business without foregoing efficient sales promotion, leave purchasing of a range of promotional items to the pros.
Pandinavia offers its clients outsourcing of the whole process, from the evaluation to the procurement and storage, through to the management of a webshop.

The advantages are clear:

  • Unified brand image: all items in a design matching the CI
  • Communication with internal and outside clients is simplified, in particular by the use of an e-shop
  • The client no longer needs warehousing
  • Thanks to prefinancing by Pandinavia, funds remain accessible
  • Personnel no longer carry out this task, also freeing up resources
  • The concentration of orders leads to lower prices

This is how it works
In practice, the collaboration starts with a workshop to analyse needs. There is then a product evaluation and accumulation of a range corresponding to the target group. Each item is created according to the CI, stored and if necessary delivered. The client keeps all resources free for its key business.

With over 40 years of success in the promotional item business, Pandinavia today is a leader in the field of outsourcing and employs over 40 staff. A branch in Hong Kong and an international network of suppliers and staff members who are in-the-know guarantee a complete offer with an impressive price-quality ratio: from classic give-aways to high-quality textiles from extremely different fields.


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